Sustainable fishing of Small Pelagics in NORTH-WEST AFRICA set for regional policies.

By Femi Peters TAV

Hachmin orgA project implemented by the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC), just inaugurated a National Advisory Committee (NAC) on Small Pelagic Resources at LAICO Atlantic Hotel, Banjul The Gambia.

The project, “Towards regional policies for sustainable fisheries for small pelagic in Northwest Africa” constituted The NAC to serve as the advisory arm. Members of the National Advisory Committee are Mrs. Amie Jarra, Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Maters, Mr Asberr Mendy and Ousman Mass Jobe Fisheries Department, Mr. Madani Senghore,  Gambia Navy, Mr.Paul MendyNational Assembly Member, Kombo South, Mr.Ousman Bojang, GAMFEDA,Mr.Dawda Saine ,NAAFO, Mr.Ousman Drammeh, BA NAAFA and from the seven landing sites are Mr Baboucar Jobe, Kartong, Eliman Sarr, Gunjur, Mrs.Mama Badjie, Sanyang, Pa Ansu Bojang, Bakau, Omar Jeng, Old Jeshwang and Alhagie babou Cham, Banjul.

The aim of the project is to support the processes leading to coordinated policies and management of the small pelagic fisheries between the North-West African countries bordering the Canary Current upwelling system; Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and The Gambia.
The main small pelagic fish species (sardinella and bonga) constitutes the bulk of all fish landings in The Gambia and are important marine resources in terms of food supply, income generation, employment, poverty reduction and livelihoods for many fishing communities and the populations at large.  The major Fishing Communities that exploit small pelagic fish species in The Gambia are Kartong, Gunjur, Tanji, Sanyang, Bakau, Old Jeshwang and Banjul.

Just recently, Mr. Hachim EL Ayoubi, Project coordinator visited The Gambia from Sunday, 15th to Thursday, 19th August 2010. His mission was the extension and communication of the creation of National Advisory Committee on small pelagic as well as to spread and inform stakeholders about recommendations and results of the inaugural meeting of the NAC held in Banjul.

For this purpose and according to the meeting of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) for the management of small pelagic fish resources in the Gambia, a group made of representative of GAMFIDA,  NAAFO and Fisheries Department will undertake a mission in the field mainly the seven landing sites to  Inform and upgrade the stakeholders for the creation of NAC its objectives, mandate and members, Extension of the main results and conclusions from the inaugural meeting of the NAC  : action plan and activities scheduled, Inform stakeholders on the importance of Small pelagic in the Gambia, characteristic of the resources and the need to strengthen their management on national and regional level, Inform stakeholders about the Project and its approach and about the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission  Sensitive to support the NAC and the need for better communication between fisher folks and Prepare and send the MOU and note of results of the inaugural meeting to all NAC members.


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