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The Agar Vision Africa Agricultural Initiative commonly known as ‘AVA initiative’ is a Non-profitable and Non-Governmental Organization founded Nigeria in 2012 and currently registered in Ghana, The Gambia and registration in process in Germany. In Africa, farmers play an important role in sustaining the populace and maintaining the countryside. Providing helpful information as well as building the capacity of the farmers, plays a critical role in the actualization of Food Security of a country.Read More..

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  • Sultan Al Mansouri participates in Russia-UAE-Africa Food Security Forum
    During a ministerial session held at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, which was attended by ministers and officials from the countries participating in the Russia-UAE-Africa Food Security Forum, he added that the Emirati business community is being encouraged to invest in agriculture ...
  • Food Security
    Use fresh food. Get food security. Get a food dehydrator. Forget about freezing. Stop worrying about winter power outages. Make freezer burn history. Save food for years without spoilage and with...