Safe drinking Water project by AVA

Water well conshe need for safe drinking water cannot be over emphasized, especially in a developing country like Nigeria.Provison of Safe drink water should be responsibility of the government but when the governments comes short of this expectation, Other Non-Governmental  organizations or statutory bodies like Agar Vision Africa Agricultural Initiative take up this responsibility. That is why we at AVA have decided to take up this responsibility to provide Safe drinking water to our rural communities in need of this facility.

Partnering with Waterstep USA, we would resolve local water problems as we assemble, configure, and operate a mini water treatment plant.  We will also teach a health and hygiene/community sanitation curriculum that equips communities to be able to treat and prevent waterborne diseases.  When we provide safe water without incorporating hygiene education, there is not a sustainable improvement community health.

we will not have to rely on the government or another non-governmental organization to create the systems, and you won’t have to worry about the government or a private organization owning the systems. The systems will be owned and maintained by our staff, or any other locals that we choose. If there is a problem, we will be able to fix it without outsourcing.

we would provide sustainable solutions to communities around Africa  living without access to safe water, and train other individuals and organizations in how to do the same.  WE would work towards the objective that no one will suffer from waterborne diseases or death from unsafe water.

Through direct water purification services, health and hygieneWater source egdeda education, community sanitation, hand pump repair, disaster relief, and innovative technologies
We cannot do this alone so we call on other organization with interest in rural community development to partner with us and make funding available for this projects and also individual who are willing to donate can also make smalls towards our cause. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


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