Farmers adapting to Exotic Vegetables

vegetables on farmThe demand for vegetables and the increasing high cost of exotic vegetables in the market as gradually brought about the awareness of this kinds of vegetables in the western part of Nigeria and the cultivation has been embraced vigourously.

Looking back at Ogun state Nigeria in the early 1990’s , you would find a few or no farmers involved in the cultivation of these vegetables.The Cultivation of these vegetables were predominantly done by the Northern part of Nigeria not withstanding the harsh and unfavourable weather in that region.

The use of irrigation as been practised for a very long time and has brought about an increase in the agricultural activities in that region.

The Advocacy for better agricultural practises has brought about the use of sustainable methods in the agricultural practises in the western part of Nigeria.

We have brought to the notice of Farmers basic sustainable methods of Vegetable Farming to improve in their livily hood.

We still call for support from various action groups in the teaching of sustainability in Agriculture across Africa.


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