Call for Assistance by 17 Village heads

17 meeting pictures1A call of assistance was declared during a meeting on Tuesday 16th July, 2013 with The 17 Village Heads (Baale) around Egbeda under the Obafemi Owode local Government Area in Ogun State. The Villages heads also made it known to the representatives of Agar Vision Africa Agricultural Initiative present at the meeting about their commitment to working and partnering with AVA towards community developments through the various initiatives that would be brought to their communities by AVA.

The Meeting started with a prayer both in the Islamic and Christian rite, immediately thereafter the representatives of Agar Vision Africa Agricultural Initiative were introduced, Representing AVA at the meeting were Chief Capt Michael Adams and Mr.Olufemi Shobayo, The Director of Operations and Executive Secretary General respectively.

The Area Head Chief Nasiru, Thanked AVA Initiative for bringing the Initiative to the host communities Egbeda.He also appreciated our gestures of calling them together to be partners to the Initiative, we bring to their communities.

They also brought to our Notice, the Community Health Center which was almost brought to a closure and the Nurses threatened to leave. But the issue was remedied by the Communities coming together to raise a cash donation of a 100,000 Naira (€500) to keep the Center from closure but the basic amenities, medications and equipment are still not available. They called on concerned persons who are willing to offer humanitarian assistance to them in cash or in kind would be a welcomed gesture.

17 meeting pictures2They made comments of the promise by the Former Governor Olusegun Osoba of Ogun State, who paid them a visit and promised to fix the Community Hall.

Opportunities were also given to Director of Operation and Executive Secretary General to address the Community Leaders, given them an insight on what AVA is bringing to the communities and called on a full integration of all the villages as they pledged their cooperation and partnership. Discussed were the Projects of Biogas production, Farmer Training, Water Projects and Radio projects.


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