AVA SG BIOFACHBIOFACH takes place for the 26th year in succession in 2015 and can look back on an outstanding success story. It all began with 197 exhibitors in the Ludwigshafen Stadthalle in 1990. Some 2,500 visitors attended the “1st European Trade Fair for Organic Food and Natural Products” at that time.

The exhibition was organized in Nuremberg for the first time in 1999 and brought together as many as 1,300 exhibitors and more than 21,000 visitors. The exhibition this year brought together about 2,300 exhibitors from 76 countries, international share stood at 70 %.

One of the congress lectures titled Innovation in organic food and agriculture was attended by AVA`s Olufemi J.P Shobayo, also in attendance was Sharon Dijkma and Christian Schmidt who are the Federal Ministers of Agriculture in Netherland and Germany respectively.

Sharon Dijkma was first to give a lecture emphasis about the goals of the exhibition and the need to foster stronger cooperation in the EU while the German Minister Schmidt highlight about the future of organic industry and the need for all stakeholders in this sector to work in unity for its success.

Since then BIOFACH has developed into the World’s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and is firmly established. The natural cosmetics segment was separated from the exhibition in 2007 and since then has been organized parallel to BIOFACH as VIVANESS (International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care). The BIOFACH would take place every year and the amount of visitors and exhibitors are expected to increaseas the awareness of organic industry is constantly growing.


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