Bakua vegetables vendors speak
on poor sales.

By Seedy Darboe.

1014149-harvest_co_operative_garden-The_GambiaThe newly formed association called The Agricultural Voice of The Gambia which is a non political body that comprises of journalist of different media houses to investigate issues affecting the development of the agriculture in the Gambia with the aim and Objectives of giving the Farmer a Voice, as observed that many Gambians are involved in and dependent on Agriculture.

Speaking with one of the committee member, Aja Mbaling Jatta of Bakua, who related the problems they are encountering due to the poor market and some of the diseases affecting their crop in the Garden. She later called on the Government and NGOs involved in agriculture to come to their aid.
She further added that the market is moving very slowly because most crops produced do not give the required profit needed for upkeep of the garden. Fighting hard to meet up to the Quality standard of the customers which requires providing produce with are of the highest quality and standards even though it is not in their favour. They also try to avoid the perishable vegetables from getting bad while keeping for so long.

Elaborating on the fact that the Bakua Gardens is operative through out the year, not withstanding the season, while the vegetables come rich as cultivation is carried out on vegetables to the cultivation of rice as the season allows. This however brings about some problems like in the use of chemicals, reduction of nutrients in the soil etc.

However concluding, she requested that the government and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector to help them in finding a solution to their lingering problems because they acquire all their income and livelihood from the gardens and since Agriculture still remains the primary source of income for the country, the government should prioritize their demands.

She later thanked The agricultural voice for giving them the opportunity to air their constrains on the Agricultural Talkshow and called on the general public to support the activities of the TAV.


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