AVA at Policies Against Hunger Berlin

policies against hungerOpening the conference termed „Policies against Hunger XI” by the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt, this conference was hosted in Berlin, Germany on 30 June and 1 July 2014. The conference was centered on Responsible Agricultural Investments; also giving opening speeches were Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, The Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal minister for Economic Cooperation and Development and Patricia Flor, Director-General for United Nations and Global Issues at the Federal Foreign Office.

In attendance were over 200 international experts from politics, industry, civil society and science from over 40 countries around the world, representing Nigerian Civil society was Olufemi Jim Peters Shobayo , The Executive Officer of Agar Vision Africa Agricultural Initiative

The opening panel accessed the RAI (Responsible Agricultural Investment) : Assessment of the First round of CFS-RAI Negotiations and Expectations Moving Forward. The four working groups created to address the RAI principles from different aspects like What state´s obligations were regarding to providing a framework for investments that are based on human rights and the principles of Governance, what state´s duties and tasks were with regards to shaping of their agricultural and rural development policies, what the responsibilities of private sectors where and CFS-RAI actions-dissemination s and applications of this principles.

Hosting the participant to a reception at the International Club in the Federal Foreign Office (Roof Terrace) was an exceptional treat by the Host, showing the participants a good view of Berlin from a vintage point.

The last day of the conference gave room to summarization of all voices and recommendations which key players in the possible adoption of the instrument in October would use as a guide line was presented at the panel discussion.

Peter Bleser, The Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany formally closed the conference as he shared his appreciation to participants for putting their best into the working groups and cooperation’s established and confirming the earlier statements by the Federal Minister stating The Federal Government’s main requests in the negotiations on the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture are that the focus be on small farmers and producers and that the duties of the governments on the one hand and the responsibilities of the private investors on the other hand be clearly defined , giving that “Responsible investments in the agricultural sector promote food security, sustainable development and security all over the world.”


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